Demystifying Park Fittings: Choosing the Right Version for Your Water Treatment System

Mar 11th 2024

Demystifying Park Fittings: Choosing the Right Version for Your Water Treatment System

Welcome back to our blog series on the products we offer, where today we're delving into the world of Park DI Fittings. These fittings have long been relied upon for their simplicity and reliability in connecting various water treatment equipment, from portable exchange tanks to DI tanks and filter housings. However, there's a twist – there are two distinct versions of "Park" Fittings circulating in the market, and their incompatibility can lead to headaches in your system.

To grasp the roots of this issue, let's rewind a bit. Specialty Sales and AM Products & Services procure their Park Fittings from the original manufacturer, boasting over 50 years of expertise in crafting these fittings. Initially, these fittings were sold to Park International, hence the widespread reference to them as "Park Fittings" across the industry.

However, the plot thickens with corporate acquisitions. Park International found itself under the umbrella of WICOR Industries, which was later acquired by Pentair in 2004. Here's where the trouble brews – Pentair decided to forge its path by discontinuing purchases from the original manufacturer and introducing its own version of the fittings. While similar in appearance, the newer Pentair variant has a slightly altered union thread, making it incompatible with the original fittings.

The consequence? Attempting to pair these divergent fittings results in a frustrating ~1/4" gap, preventing a secure seal against the o-ring. Moreover, since they look nearly identical, distinguishing between them can be a head-scratcher.

So, what's the solution? Stick to one manufacturer. Whether you opt for the original fittings or the Pentair fitting boils down to factors like pricing and availability. Both variants serve the same purpose and offer reliability, provided you stick to fittings from a single manufacturer.

At Specialty Sales and AM Products & Services, we take pride in providing quality fittings at competitive prices, aimed at reducing our customers' overall system costs without sacrificing quality. We encourage you to compare our Park Fitting pricing with competitors and reach out to our sales team for a competitive quote.

In the realm of Park Fittings, navigating the historical currents ensures a smoother journey for your water treatment systems. Stay tuned for more insights in our upcoming videos, and remember – choose wisely, and your fittings will serve you faithfully.

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