Navigating Fast-Lok Hose Clamps: F Series vs. FO Series vs. K Series

Dec 19th 2023

Navigating Fast-Lok Hose Clamps: F Series vs. FO Series vs. K Series

For industrial clamping, Fast-Lok hose clamps take center stage with the StrapBinder F Series or FO Series and Fast-Lok K Series each offering unique features. Let's explore the nuances that differentiate the F Series, FO Series, and K Series Fast-Lok hose clamps. Both clamp styles are part of the Ideal-Tridon family of industrial clamping solutions.

StrapBinder F Series:

The StrapBinder F Series are preformed clamps that employ a ratcheting mechanism for incremental tightening. These StrapBinder clamps (previously Fast-Lok) are double-wrapped and formed to a given diameter. They are primarily used where one end of the hose or article is accessible to allow the clamps to be slid over the hose end before the fitting is inserted. The preformed clamps range in size from 13/16" ID to 8" ID. The clamps may be tightened to a smaller diameter but cannot be adjusted to a larger diameter. They are “punch-type” clamps that are held in place with a center-punch tool to indent the clamp.

StrapBinder FO Series Open End Clamps:

The Open End FO Series clamps are of the same general construction as the preformed F Series clamps, except the double wrapping of the band around the hose or article is part of the installation procedure. Open End clamps are used when one or both ends of the article to be clamped is not free or an obstruction prevents slipping a preformed clamp over the end. Open End clamps range in size from 13/16" ID to 48" ID. They use the same punch tool to secure the clamp once it is tightened.

Fast-Lok K Series:

K-Series Fast-Lok clamps are similarly double-wrapped heavy-duty preformed clamps that offer two application options in one clamp. They are secured by the fold-up method or as a center punch clamp. K-Series clamps also feature a punch indentation for ease of center punching and less tension loss. The patented hole in the inner band gives better internal mechanical locking after punching. 3/8" & 5/8" wide preformed clamps are available in 301 stainless steel or galvanized steel. The 3/4" wide clamps are available in 316 stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Comparing F Series, FO Series, and K Series:

It is critical to consider the installation application when deciding which clamp series to use. If the clamp cannot be placed over the article to be secured, an open-ended clamp is required, and the FO Series is the way to go. For example, attaching a sign to a lamppost would require an open-ended clamp.

If a preformed clamp can be placed over the end of the article to be clamped, the F Series or K Series will both work. The F Series is secured via the center punch method, while the K Series is secured by either the center punch method or the fold-up method.

Installing StrapBinder or Fast-Lok hose clamps requires specialized tools which are available in either hand tool or automatic versions. We also carry replacement parts for the repair of these tools. Contact Specialty Sales today to purchase Fast-Lok hose clamps along with the specialized tools or check out our catalog.

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